TRAFOHAUS is a non-profit project initiated by Nutzungskonzepte e.V. for local cultural support which is designed to exchange information and to share thoughts with the public through lectures, book presentations, symposia, discussions, talks and exhibitions.

Its program deals with topical subjects, cultural activities in theory and practice and conducts research on design, architecture, contemporary art and urban planning. Conceiving of TRAFOHAUS as a platform, events such as workshops, lectures and talks are organized together with authors, researchers and artists.
The juncture of content-related work, its production and its mediation is a means of regaining tools and developing methods to operate in the cultural field.
Documentation and archiving strategies are part of the process to release our cultural program.
In this context, we foster book publication projects and offer support for design, print and their dissemination. This process-accompanying publication platform means to archive and to provide access to elaborated research.

TRAFOHAUS is rooted in the region of the city of Kassel and is interested in collaborations in a trans-regional scale to develop polylingual and multi-facetted cultural activities.

As a non-profit initiative, TRAFOHAUS is subsidized by public sponsorship. The maintenance, repair and operations rely on membership fees.

Authors: Malene Saalmann, Till Maciejewski
Translation: Julian B Schneider

February 2019